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Improve Your Vocabulary by Seven Tips

   Improve Your Vocabulary by Seven Tips

 There are a lot of ideas and suggestions that you are able to use to get well your vocabulary. No matter what method you may decide to follow. Even though at first any vocabulary exercise might seem a bit difficult, do not give up. It is essential to make use of different thoughts in learning words so as not to get bored rather quickly with it. When you get bored with one exercise, just transform it. Do not give up. If one method did not work, it doesn't mean that you should give up. It is very simple to vary the technique. Also, learning another strategies for example what is called systematic approaches. In this technique you will discover the meaning of unfamiliar words. Finding vocabulary which were unknown to you is a fantastic skill for learning another vocabulary word while consolidating your logical thought. Reading is the best superior way of having an amount vocabulary. Here you will find seven tips to build up your vocabulary.

build up your vocabulary
1. Guess the meaning of unknown word in your reading and you can practice this tip by reading different kinds of contexts.
learning another strategies
2. Get a help from a dictionary and learn from it. It will help you to widen your writing and vocabulary.
root, suffix and prefix 
3. It is great to know about the root, suffix and prefix of the word.

4. Use the new words you acquire in your speaking and writing.
5. Learn about some mistakes in English use to avoid them.

new words

6. Create a mini-dictionary by yourself and list in it your own vocabulary to strengthen your personal weak points and to challenge yourself to learn the vocabulary that you find difficult.

7. When you list your own word in a mini-dictionary, use them in your writings, and communications with people as possible as you can. 

  Finally, these are little suggestions that will positively lend you a hand to develop your words building method. Your vocabulary will have developed noticeably if you chose to take into consideration these techniques.