Effective Ways to Deal with a Child who Resists Homeschooling

Effective Ways to Deal with a Child who Resists Homeschooling

  Ultimately, it is the parents’ decision whether or not a child is going to be home-schooled. This is the point that you must get across to the child. That being said, it is then time to deal with the child’s feelings on this subject. As with any type of schooling scenario, addressing the child’s emotions is important if the educational experience is going to be a fruitful one. After all, children who are content are certainly going to learn more than children who are not 100% invested in the learning experience
Effective Ways

  Homeschooling isn’t for everyone. However, if you have decided that it is the educational experience that you want for your child, here are a few suggestions to help you deal with an uninterested child.

Present a Unified Front

Both parents in a two-parent family must present a unified front and back each other up in decisions relating to the homeschooling experience. If a child sees a chip in the armor, then he is going to use it to his advantage. He will continue to moan and groan about his dislike of homeschooling. As long as he believes there is a possibility that one of his parents might be approachable on this topic, he will not resign himself to his situation. Therefore, his school lessons will suffer and learning will be less than optimal.

                                                                       Reinforce Your Love
How to Deal with a Child

During this difficult time, it is also important for the parents to present continual reminders that they love their child. It isn’t necessary to try and bribe a child with monetary rewards or gifts such as electronics either. Parents should express their love through their words, including showing an interest in the activities that the child enjoys.

Provide Interesting Lessons and Educational Opportunities

If parents have been homeschooling for a while or even if they are just starting out, parents can look for interesting lessons that will intrigue their children. Field trips, arts and craft activities, films, and computer games can all be used to switch things up and add a unique twist to any lesson plan.

Take Advantage of Public School Opportunities Opened up to Homeschooled Children

 A Child who Resists HomeschoolingDespite the fact that you might believe that homeschooling will provide a better or safer educational experience for your child, you might want to consider some of the opportunities that public schools provide for homeschooled children. Contact your local school district and inquire as to what these opportunities are. Allow your child to join or attend those that interest him. Not only will this provide your child with the social interaction that he craves, but it will also provide him with the proof he needs that you do care about his feelings and interests.

Take Advantage of Opportunities with other Homeschooled Children

Many communities have their own community-based groups for families of homeschooled children. Do the research and make a connection with other homeschooling families in your area. Share ideas on how to motivate children who are homeschooled as well as join in on activities that these groups arrange.


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