Prepositional phrases with at and in

A. Find prepositional phrases with at and in in the text on page 28. Can you think of any other common ones?
B. Complete the sentences 1-8 with prepositional phrases from the list below.

at first - at last - at least - at once
at the age of - at the latest - at the moment
in a hurry - in a good/bad mood - in a mess
in detail - in general - in other words
in particular

1. At first, Ahmed and Ayman didn’t get along, but later, they became best friends.
2. I wouldn’t ask them for a favour if I were you. They are in a bad mood today.
3. My father had an accident at the age of eight, and has had a fear of cars ever since.
4. I would like you to write a report and have it ready by Monday at the latest . There is no time to waste.
5. John was asked to leave the office and never come back. In other words, he was fired.
6. Can’t you do something about your office? It’s always in a mess!
7. Before Gary decided to change careers, he discussed it with his parents in detail.
8. If you can’t go to your cousins’ house for dinner, at least call them to let them know.

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