ترافلر Traveller 6 | حل جزء مفردات vocabulary - الوحدة الثالثة Unit 3 - كتاب التدريبات | الفصل الدراسي الثاني

ترافلر Traveller 6 | حل جزء مفردات vocabulary - الوحدة الثالثة Unit 3 - كتاب التدريبات | الفصل الدراسي الثاني

A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.

browse - analysis - inhabitant - session - guidance - surround

1. High in the mountains we discovered a village with 23 .
2. The police the two bank robbers and they were forced to give up.
3. Thanks to some excellent career , I managed to find the right job for me.
4. Professor Hatchet took the evidence to the laboratory for further .
5. The are usually on Thursdays and they last two hours.
6. I can spend hours the books in the local library.

B. Complete the text with the correct words. There are two extra words which you do not need to use.

recreational - academic - application - laboratories - founded - located - admission - diploma - tuition

Oxbridge is a name that refers to two English (1) institutions, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. They were both (2) over 800 years ago and between them they have educated a large number of Britain's most famous scientists, writers and politicians. As a result, a(n) (3) from either of these institutions is more sought after than others. Because of their age, they have established other institutions such as printing houses, museums, libraries and scientific (4) . Both universities have buildings of great beauty and antiquity on their campuses. Also, they are both (5) near slow moving rivers suitable for (6) activities like rowing and punting. Entrance to either university is difficult and (7) is very competitive. Rivalry between the two universities has a very long history and annual football, rugby and boat races are very competitive. Nowadays, the term ‘Oxbridge' is used to describe anyone who seems to have a superior intellectual or social status.

C. Circle the correct answer.
1. Henry studied four years at the University of Sheffield and now he's a graduate / career in Art History.
2. Perhaps some personal focus / tuition will help you progress in your studies.
3. The painting is being examined by experts to see if it is classified / authentic.
4. Don't worry, I'm a(n) qualified / advanced nurse. I can help you.
5. If you combine / admit these two liquids, something very interesting happens.
6. The resource / goal of this project is to modernise the centre of the town.
7. I'm finding it very difficult to concentrate / select with all the noise from outside.


A. Choose the best answer a, b, c or d.

1. Bill gave a(n) description of the thief and the police were able to catch him.
a. accurate b. factual c. true d. authentic
2. Mark and Gadi were sharing a while they were at university.
a. campus b. laboratory c. dorm d. premises
3. Henry isn't a very person. Sometimes he doesn't even do his homework.
a. studious b. intellectual c. academic d. qualified
4. The wedding lasted for two hours and was very moving.
a. ceremony b. contest c. session d. festival
5. The food at this restaurant is of high .
a. grade b. excellence c. perfection d. quality
6. he's found a job he's happy with.
a. Lastly b. Last but not least c. At last d. At least
7. Do you think this shirt those trousers?
a. goes on b. goes off c. goes with d. goes over
8. Before I sign, I'd like to the details of the agreement one more time.
a. go over b. go ahead with c. go on d. go off

B. Form nouns from the verbs in the box to complete the sentences.

correspond - consult - reside - contest - immigrate - serve - assist - apply

1. Over 300 entered the competition.
2. The manager will interview at least 50 for the job.
3. Peter is a(n) f or an investment company based in Jersey.
4. His grandparents were t o the US. They came in 1950.
5. … and now to our sports i n Beijing.
6. The shop w ho I spoke to on the phone was really helpful.
7. The o f the village helped the firefighters put out the fire.
8. Get up and get a glass of water yourself. I'm not your , you know!



E. Choose the word that most appropriately completes the sentence.

1. My will show you where the waiting room is.
a. consultant b. contestant c. assistant d. applicant
2. The championship winning cricket team is holding a(n) d inner this Saturday night.
a. festival b. ceremony c. celebration d. application
3. The alarm went a s soon as the man entered the house.
a. on b. off c. ahead d. through
4. Faiz is a sports on BBC.
a. correspondent b. servant c. resident d. inhabitant
5. , I must remind everyone that tomorrow's lecture will start at 9am.
a. Last but not least b. At last c. At least d. In advance

F. Choose the word or phrase that produces a grammatically correct sentence.

1. The annual meeting i n January.
a. is held b. has been holding c. holds d. will hold
2. Gerry to see a doctor after complaining of pains in his stomach.
a. advises b. advised c. has been advised d. having been advised
3. When I was a student, I t wo books a week.
a. was making to read b. made to read c. was made reading d. was made to read
4. How much more time t o finish the new bus station?
a. needs b. needed c. will need d. is needed
5. Jabir a train to London.
a. was seen boarding b. was boarded c. was seeing to board d. was seen to boarding
6. A $500 reward anyone who finds the stolen painting.
a. will give b. will be given to c. will be giving to d. will be given
7. The car must t o the mechanic.
a. taken b. be taken c. be take d. take



A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the phrasal verbs in the box.

turn in - turn down - turn up - turn into - turn over - turn out

1. As usual, my mother t o be right about the weather.
2. What an exhausting day! I am going to have to early.
3. The investigation has been to the FBI.
4. From an average football player, Malik a key player in just one year.
5. Karen had to the invitation because she will be in Canada at that time.
6. I would be very surprised if Tom before midnight.

B. Match to make appropriate compound nouns so as to complete the sentences below.

1. police a. tank
2. weather b. forecast
3. school c. table
4. kitchen d. station
5. water e. bus

1. The criminals were brought straight to Kensington after they were caught.
2. We always listen to the before we go on a trip.
3. All the children must wear their seatbelts while they're on the .
4. Just leave the groceries on the and I'll put everything in its place.
5. The broke and the whole place flooded.


A. Complete the text with the correct word/phrase. There are two extra words/phrases which you do not need to use.

appeal - outdoor -refreshments - broaden - raise money - acquire - cultural awareness - weather conditions - submit - extra curricular

Last week there was an interesting announcement at my school. The PTA (Parent - Teacher Association), who often organise the (1) activities at my school, decided that this year we would (2) for a new computer lab. They wanted to know what we, the students, thought would be the best way to achieve this. We had to come up with something that would (3) t o as many people as possible and also take into consideration the (4) i f it were to be a(n) (5) e vent. They told us that we had to (6) o ur ideas in two weeks. Many ideas were put forward, like sponsored football matches and fun runs. In the end, we decided to have a bake sale with food from all over the world. It would raise (7) a nd at the same time it would (8) y oung people's horizons, and our teachers and parents would surely appreciate it.


B. Read the text and decide which answer a, b, c or d best fits each gap.

Space camp is a perfect holiday camp for young people interested (1) astronomy and space travel. It has three exciting programmes for young people ranging from 9 to 18. Space campers are exposed (2) t asks that are challenging, both mentally and physically. Activities take place outside on the space camp campus, but there are also many (3) a ctivities. Programmes range from week long courses to one-day field (4) . Space campers (5) useful knowledge and experience which (6) t heir global-awareness and may help them in their future careers. Each programme is fairly (7) when you consider what is (8) . Space campers (9) the opportunity to take a spin in the underwater astronaut training facility and even ride in a space shuttle simulator. All accommodation and food are (10) i n the price, including extra refreshments that (11) during the day. (12) t he end of the course, all participants are awarded a certificate to say they completed the greatest camp on the planet.

1. a. about b. to c. in d. for
2. a. on b. to c. with d. for
3. a. inside b. indoor c. inner d. internal
4. a. journeys b. holidays c. trips d. excursions
5. a. need b. require c. acquire d. use
6. a. creates b. makes c. combines d. cultivates
7. a. inexpensive b. ordinary c. useful d. notorious
8. a. be offered b. being offered c. been offered d. has been offered
9. a. give b. gave c. are given d. will give
10. a. include b. including c. being included d. included
11. a. can be needed b. aren't needed c. needed d. may be needed
12. a. For b. On c. At d. By



A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words/phrases in the box. There are two extra words/ phrases which you do not need to use.

gown - auditorium get together - venue - semi-formal - knowledgeable - participate - litter - curriculum - principal - faculty - distribution

1. Why don't we a t Habib's house for dinner?
2. Please throw your i n the bin. We should try to keep our city clean.
3. My father is a(n) m an. He always knows what the right answer is.
4. The o f the flyers took us all day.
5. You should wear c lothes to the event.
6. The a greed to use more advanced technology during their lessons.
7. I'm going to i n the school writing competition this year.
8. What's the name of the o f Bleeker High School?
9. The princess wore a beautiful t o the ceremony.
10. English is a compulsory foreign language in the school .



A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. There are three extra words which you do not need to use.

neutral - convince - complicated -curiosity -download - contact- attitude - attempt -destination- assist

1. I don't know how to use this machine. It's rather .
2. Paul hasn't taken either side yet. He wants to remain for the time being.
3. Although the bag did not belong to me, I opened it out of .
4. Our holiday for this summer is Crete.
5. Please try to Mr Roberts. It's important I see him.
6. Were you able to J ohn that quitting his job now would be a big mistake?
7. Can you show me how to this map from the Internet?

B. Complete the text with the correct form of the words in the box.

surface -worth -claim -cluster- launch -decade -benefit

Richard T. Walker's novel Down to Earth will undoubtedly be the best-seller of the year, perhaps even the (1) . The story begins with a scientist who discovers some large craters on the (2) of the moon. The craters were formed by a (3) of meteors. However, they were part of a much bigger meteor which is heading straight for Earth. The government considers sending a mission to destroy it, but many scientists believe it's going to miss Earth, so it's not (4) the huge amount of money it would cost. The government is faced with a tough decision. In the end, the government (5) that the mission will be a huge success and will (6) all ofhumankind. Without giving too much away, a rocket is (7) with five astronauts aboard, but not all of them return home.

C. Circle the correct answer.

1. This project began with a view to / with the benefit of increasing children's awareness of environmental problems.
2. Do you know when the SETI Institute was published / founded?
3. Scientists are going to send a representative / probe to Jupiter sometime next summer.
4. I came across / indicated some interesting information regarding artificial intelligence.
5. The match was transmitted / initiated live by satellite to more than 60 countries.
6. A note was attached / featured to the letter which said ‘Top Secret'.
7. The unmanned / extraterrestrial satellite will cost a billion dollars but it will gather vital information about our solar system.



A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.

spot -transfer -transmit- position -gesture - sign -observe -site- peak- remark

1. The telephone company charges more for making calls at t imes during the day.
2. Are you coming with us to t he eclipse of the moon?
3. Has your father on your new mobile phone yet?
4. Our company has decided to i ts European headquarters to Brussels.
5. Some diseases can be b y mosquitoes.
6. Have you changed the o f the sofa? The lounge seems different today.
7. Tim was punished because he made a rude to another student.
8. The valley is my favourite f or summer picnics.
9. The building i s protected by closed circuit television cameras.
10. The wind has blown down the ‘No fishing' i n the marina.

B. Circle the correct answer.
1. Nathan came round / came into a lot of money when his grandfather died.
2. Jasmine didn't study enough and as a result / in relation she didn't pass the test.
3. It's annoying when you come about / come up with silly excuses for the things you've done.
4. The members of his family weren't in / on favour of his decision to study abroad.
5. With the exception / regard of Alfred, everyone else is coming on the excursion at the weekend.
6. Their family has come up with / up against many difficulties lately.
7. I couldn't possibly talk in / on behalf of the president.


E. Choose the word or phrase that most appropriately completes the sentence.

1. Is there a restaurant at the o f the Eiffel Tower?
a. peak b. height c. advent d. top
2. You have been given permission to b ut not participate in this investigation.
a. notice b. observe c. remark d. regard
3. Can you remember when Ian was t o the Marketing Department?
a. transferred b. transmitted c. transported d. reflected
4. The defendant refused to say anything in to the lawyer's questions.
a. account b. reply c. contact d. relation
5. At the o f the summer there is a lot of humidity in New York.
a. structure b. height c. position d. cluster
6. The where the president is spending his holiday is being kept secret.
a. spot b. site c. location d. position
7. The captain told the soldiers to wait for his before attacking.
a. symbol b. gesture c. sign d. signal
8. James always comes l ots of interesting ways to spend the weekend.
a. about b. into c. up against d. up with

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