ترافلر Traveller 6 | حل جزء مفردات vocabulary - الوحدة الثانية Unit 2 - كتاب التدريبات | الفصل الدراسي الثاني

A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box. There are two extra words which you do not need to use.

pronunciation - selection - acquire - clay - involve - volume - primitive - entirely - reputable

1. The final World Cup team will be made on 29th May.
2. Jason makes most of his sculptures out of .
3. I would suggest buying a car from a dealer.
4. Steven wasn't happy about the deal so he decided not to go through with it.
5. There is more than one for the word ‘either'.
6. The oral examination will answering questions about a photograph.
7. How many has this encyclopedia got?

B. Complete the text with the words in the box.

Middle -regarded - doubt - attempt - reign

The library of Alexandria was (1) as the most important library of the ancient world. It had a huge collection of hundreds of thousands of scrolls from all over the world. It was built during the (2) of Ptolemy I Soter about 2300 years ago and it grew into a huge collection well-known throughout the ancient world. About 300 years after it was built, it is said that Julius Caesar accidentally burnt the library when he set fire to his own ships in a(n) (3) to frustrate the Egyptians by restricting their communication. A series of attacks and fires meant that the library was completely destroyed by the (4) Ages. However, without (5) , it is still remembered as one of the greatest libraries ever built. In 2002 a new library and cultural centre, called Bibliotheca Alexandria, was built in Alexandria in commemoration of the great ancient library.

C. Circle the correct answer.

Middle - regarded - doubt - attempt- reign

1. This dictionary has clear and precise definitions / publications.
2. Just after the final was over, the winning team's name was printed / engraved on the silver cup.
3. Could you tell me the main requirements / advancements for this course?
4. I don't think Kevin appreciates / acquires how much effort we put into choosing his gift.
5. The old man consisted / collapsed in the middle of the street so we rushed to help him.
6. Mr Halliday has compiled a familiar / comprehensive list of all the people involved in the project.

A. Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.

1. It's so of Brian to arrive on time.
a. common b. regular c. normal d. typical
2. The book of twelve units.
a. involves b. consists c. includes d. contains
3. The writer's fortune is at about five million dollars.
a. respected b. appreciated c. estimated d. mentioned
4. Peter arrived just in to catch the train.
a. date b. hurry c. time d. brief
5. Mr Thompson the theft to the police.
a. reported b. published c. printed d. edited
6. The hotel complex didn't even provide the facilities.
a. basic b. simple c. primary d. first

B. Complete the sentences with in or out of and the words in the box.

work - advance - breath - fashion - vain - charge - order - shape

1. Edward has been jogging for two hours, so now he's .
2. Please make sure everything is f or tonight's dinner.
3. I can't believe all that hard work Louise did was .
4. Ted had better join a gym. He's really .
5. If you buy the tickets , you get a 20% discount.
6. Omar is o f the children's safety.
7. I love this colour and it's t his summer.
8. Josh has been for two weeks now. If he doesn't get a job soon, he'll have to borrow more money from his parents.

A. Match the jobs on the left with the sentences 1-12 that refer to each job.

mathematician 9
director 11
instructor 1
producer 10
reporter 12
adviser 3
politician 8
scientist 7
artist 4
typist 5
electrician 6
operator 2

1. Has everyone put on their skis correctly? OK, let's get going.
2. Please hold the line while I connect you.
3. I strongly recommend that you re-examine the company's organisation.
4. Some of us just splash some oil colours onto a canvas and then call our work a masterpiece.
5. I'm the fastest in the office _ about 90 words a minute.
6. It will take me an hour or so to fix the lights.
7. My discovery could be as important as penicillin.
8. In today's meeting with the Prime Minister, we discussed the coming election.
9. My latest theory uses complicated equations to solve problems.
10. If we'd had more money, the documentary would have been much better.
11. What a day! The cameraman just didn't do what I wanted him to do!
12. The editor was really impressed with the last article I wrote.

A. Complete the sentences with the correct word.

ordinary - specific -motivating - subscription - impractical - convenient - expand - downside

1. Mr Ellis was an excellent teacher and was very good at h is students.
2. The hotel was nice and it was in a good location, but on the i t was very expensive.
3. Travelling by car for 14 hours is totally a s we can be there by aeroplane in just one hour.
4. It started out as a(n) sort of day, but then something incredible happened.
5. My grandfather has an annual to Gardener's Planet magazine.
6. That's a fascinating idea! Do you think you could o n it a bit?
7. The captain gave us instructions not to blow our whistles on board the boat.
8. It's much more for me to ride my bike to work than drive.

B. Complete the text with the correct form of the words in capitals.

Everyone agrees that having a school library is (1) to all students. A library provides students with a great variety of books which can be used for (2) purposes or just for (3) . Students can use (4) books such as encyclopedias for their projects or atlases to see maps of different countries and cities around the world. They can also read (5) , up-to-date periodicals to learn about the newest trends in technology and what (6) are up to nowadays or about topics that raise cultural or environmental (7) . Of course, there are many more books to be found in a library. Students can choose from a wide range of novels according to personal (8) and read the ones that they find most (9) . Such books not only provide students with a fun way to pass their time, but also help develop their (10) .


A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.

mistreat - kindness - raise - hypocrisy - greed - science - poverty

1. It's important to treat people with and consideration.
2. The story is about a young boy who becomes rich after a childhood of .
3. I hate the o f people who say they're going to do something, then go and do the complete opposite.
4. People who a nimals should be punished, in my opinion.
5. may help you make a lot of money, but not friends.
6. Terry was born and in California.
7. I've just finished a f iction novel about a city 3000 years in the future.

B. Circle the correct answer.
1. The main theme / plot of this book is the relationship between brothers and sisters.
2. This painting has a(n) fictional / imaginative combination of black and white circles.
3. The room where the writer worked was situated / set at the top of the house.
4. Jake has illustrated some children's stories, but they haven't been written / published yet.
5. There was an interesting interview in the newspaper with the character / author of my favourite book.
6. Do you know how many books Agatha Christie wrote / published?



C. Read the text and decide which answer a, b, c or d best fits each gap.

Contrary to many people's beliefs, the (1) detective Sherlock Holmes didn't really exist. He was a(n) (2) detective created by the (3) Arthur Conan Doyle. He wrote many stories about Holmes, (4) were successful from the beginning. The stories were first (5) in 1890 and all of them are (6) in Victorian London. The (7) of each story follows Holmes and the other main (8) of the books, his friend Dr Watson. Sometimes the (9) they have to solve seem impossible, but (10) Holmes always manages to save the day, using his intelligenceand detective skills. Almost all of the stories are narrated by Watson and act as a kind of (11) of Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle's stories have (12) stood the test of time and are still exciting to read even today.

1. a. known b. convincing c. famous d. unknown
2. a. fictional b. historical c. individual d. imaginative
3. a. producer b. author c. director d. instructor
4. a. which b. who c. whose d. where
5. a. portrayed b. published c. shown d. treated
6. a. situated b. played c. taken d. set
7. a. writing b. plot c. novel d. fiction
8. a. character b. person c. role d. artist
9. a. histories b. themes c. mysteries d. answers
10. a. totally b. eventually c. ending d. finding
11. a. autobiography b. individualism c. fiction d. biography
12. a. very b. usually c. definitely d. alternatively



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