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ترافلر 5 Traveller | ثالث ثانوي | الفصل الدراسي الأول | حلول الوحدة الخامسة Unit 5 - (مقررات + فصلي)

ترافلر 5 Traveller | ثالث ثانوي | الفصل الدراسي الأول 
(مقررات + فصلي)
حلول الوحدة الخامسة 

Suggested answers
• What do you think life in the future will be like fifty
years from now? How will houses, transport and food be
different from what they are now?
I believe that if we begin to take better care of the
environment, things will definitely improve. Houses
will be built to be more energy efficient. The same
will be true for transport. Cars, buses and airplanes
will be able to go long distances on very little fuel. I
think food will be similar to what we eat today. I don’t
think we will be eating food in the form of pills as they
sometimes say.
• Do you think environmental problems will be worse by the
end of the 21st century? Why/Why not?
I don’t think things will get worse because people are
becoming more aware of the problems caused by global
warming. Many countries around the world have
promised to do more for the environment and try to
limit global warming.


• a brochure about an interesting exhibition: p. 69
• a semi-formal e-mail: p. 66
• an article about what life in the future will be like:
pp. 58-59
• short articles about problems in cities: pp. 76-77

Reading حلول قسم القراءة

Suggested answers
• What do you think cities will be like in the future?
I think cities will be quite different. There will be many
modern skyscrapers. I also think that there will be new
advanced means of transport that will solve the traffic
problems most large cities have.
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of working or
studying at home?
Well, obviously one advantage of working or studying
at home is that you don’t have to commute to work /
school. Also, you can work or study any hours you like.
A disadvantage is that you don’t have colleagues or
fellow-students to discuss any problems with or even
just to socialise with.

Suggested answers
In the text, scientists predict, as I said before, that there
will be many skyscrapers, but they will be much larger
than even I had imagined and they will combine places to
work with places of residence. People will live and work
in the same building and won’t need to travel. The text
doesn’t really mention much about how transportation
will change, so I don’t know if they expect there to
cars, buses or airplanes to travel further on less fuel as I
predicted, but some believe that there could be virtual
reality images of ourselves which we will be able to send
off to different locations to get things done for ourselves.
For those who chose to live on the outskirts of the city,
they won’t have to travel to go to work.

Suggested answers
1. H (This sentence is the natural continuation of the
previous sentence explaining why most of us think
about the future.)
2. B (This sentence gives us information about who
makes up the group of scientists mentioned in the
previous sentence.)
3. E (This acts as a topic sentence for the rest of the
paragraph which refers to more specific information
about what cities will be like.)
4. D (This sentence introduces the reasons why getting
people out of city centres may not be the best solution.)
5. G (This sentence explains the advantage of living in
the same building where you work, shop, etc.)
6. A (This sentence introduces the advantages of working
or studying from home which are covered in the
following sentences.)
7. F (This sentence explains how we might be able to use
virtual reality images of ourselves mentioned in the
previous sentence.)

1. g
2. h
3. b
4. e
5. c
6. a

Suggested answers
• Would you like to live in a residential high-rise building
like the ones described in the text? Why / Why not?
Yes, I would because I think living in a place like that
would be very convenient. I would be able to do many
things, like shopping and working out at the gym,
without having to waste time getting there and back.
• How does the idea of having several virtual reality images
of yourself sound to you?
To me it sounds totally bizarre. It’s very hard for me
to even imagine what it would be like. I’m not sure I’d
really like it.

 Vocabulary & Grammar حلول قسم المفردات والقواعد 
1. prediction
2. forecast
3. expectations
4. suburbs
5. outskirts
6. neighbourhood
7. zone
8. house
9. home
10. residence
11. habitat
12. skyscrapers
13. block of flats
14. office block

Suggested answers
set a record, set fire to, set free, set limits, set the alarm

1. date
2. price
3. goal
4. clock
5. example
6. trap
7. task
8. standards

for, to

1. advantage
2. comparison
3. description
4. exception
5. hope
6. increase
7. need
8. opinion
9. result
10. threat

• spontaneous decisions - 4
• predictions about the future - 1
• promises - 3
• offers and requests - 5
• threats and warnings - 2

...you will not have to commute... - 2
...you will be able to choose... - 3
...you will have to be... - 1

• Future Progressive - 5
• Future Perfect Simple - 4
• Future Perfect Progressive - 7
• Future going to - 2
• be (just) about to + base form - 1
• Present Progressive - 3
• Present Simple - 6

Main clause: Future will
Time clause: Present Simple

1. A: are you going
B: will probably go
2. A: Will you move
B: will move, finish
3. A: will have been driving
4. A: will be flying
5. A: Will you be travelling
B: I’m not leaving
6. A: will have been raining
B: will stop
7. A: am going to run
8. A: I’ll buy
B: is about to

Listening حلول قسم الاستماع  

1. b
2. c
3. c
4. b
5. b
6. a
7. c
8. c

 Vocabulary & Grammar حلول قسم المفردات والقواعد 
Text A
On the weekend → At the weekend
downtown → city centre
fries → chips
diner → cafeteria / restaurant
favorite → favourite
programs → programmes
apartment → flat
Text B
cell phone → mobile phone
subway → underground

realized  realised
gas station  petrol station
cell phone  mobile phone
sidewalk  pavement
drugstore  pharmacy, chemist’s
Text C
high school  secondary school
on a team  in a team
soccer  football
game  match
grades  marks
math  maths
college  university
fall  autumn
major in  specialise

Ability  could
Obligation / Necessity  have to
Permission  may
Requests  will
Advice / Opinion  ought to
Prohibition  can’t
Absence of Obligation  don’t have to

1. May
2. should
3. should
4. don’t have to
5. ought to
6. Could
7. mustn’t
8. had to
9. couldn’t
10. had better not

Speaking حلول قسم التحدث 
Suggested answer
• What types of public transportation exist where
you live? How often do you use them?
Well, where I live we have a public bus service that
is quite efficient. Unfortunately, we don’t have an
underground or sky train yet. I don’t use the buses very
often because my family usually goes to different places
by car.

Suggested answers
Solution 1: car - If I were him, I would definitely buy the
car, because he can use it to commute to work and go on
vacation with his family (you wouldn’t be able to do this
with the motorcycle). Also, buying a car is a good idea
because unpredictable weather conditions, such as rain
or extreme heat, will not affect his journey. It is also safer
and more comfortable, especially when you want to cover
long distances.
Solution 2: motorcycle - The best solution would be to
buy a motorcycle, because it’s much cheaper both to buy
and use. A motorcycle consumes less gas than a car and is
less harmful to the environment. In addition, it’s faster,
even during rush hour.

Suggested answers
• Why do you think many people prefer to drive to school/
work rather than use public transportation?
Driving to work/school is far more comfortable than
standing in a crowded bus or train. Driving is less timeconsuming
and far more convenient because there is
no need to wait at bus stops or subway stations. Public
transportation can be unreliable or in need of repair
work. A car gives you the freedom to go anywhere you
• In your opinion, what can be done to encourage people to
use public transportation?
The following should be done to encourage people to
use public transportation:
improving facilities for the elderly and people with
- reliable and safe night service that would appeal to
young people
- reducing the travel time
- new routes within and on the outskirts of the city
- new daily, weekly and monthly cards with special prices
for the young, the unemployed and the elderly
• What do you think vehicles will be like in the future?
They will probably run on alternative sources of energy
(e.g. vegetable oil / hydrogen / methanol).
• Is it possible to have a form of transportation that is not
harmful to the environment?
Apart from bicycles, almost all forms of public
transportation are harmful to the environment, as they
release CO2 in the atmosphere. Some experimental
cars are already using alternative sources of energy,
so I believe that in the future there will be a form
of transportation that won't be harmful to the

Examination Practice حلول قسم التدرب على الاختبار 

1. had better finish this before
2. will be flying to Argentina
3. he ought to report the
4. Joe likely to stay
5. have to be fixed
6. you going to invite Nabil
7. must take an eye test
8. cannot / must not enter the stadium

1. of
2. you
3. was
4. for
5. to
6. being
7. given
8. be
9. in
10. out
11. at
12. into

Writing حلول قسم الكتابة

Suggested answers
• Do you think that your lifestyle is as healthy as it should
be? Why / Why not?
- I think I have a fairly healthy lifestyle. For example,
I don’t eat a lot of junk food, I keep fit and I always get
enough sleep.
- Unfortunately, my lifestyle is not as healthy as it
should be. I don’t eat regularly, I tend to skip meals and
eat a lot of fast food. I don’t have time to exercise and I
don’t always get enough sleep.
• What things would you change in your life if you wanted
to have a healthier lifestyle?
I would try to eat more healthy food, I would try to
exercise more in order to keep fit and I would try to
make sure I got eight hours of sleep every night.


Greeting → Dear Mr Garland,
Language  I am writing in reply to...
I have a few suggestions concerning
I would also like to say that...
In combination with
With regards to promoting...
I look forward to hearing...
Closing  Yours sincerely,
David Huntington

Greeting → Dear + first name
Language  use of informal language
Closing  informal signature ending (e.g. Bye for now,
Yours, etc.) + first name

Suggested answers
1. I think it is a great idea to organise a day trip to the
waterfalls in spring because the weather is warm, but
not too warm and the days are longer. Also, you will
see lots of wild flowers which start to bloom in spring.
2. I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend your summer
holiday on a small island because there is not a lot to
do on a small island and you may get bored.
3. Why not consider giving them some money? Most
couples today appreciate it because they can go and
buy the things they need or want. I’m sure Yvonne will
appreciate it too.
4. The way I see it is that you already know very good
English and should try to improve that, but if you
want to learn another language, I would recommend
Spanish. Spanish is spoken in many countries and it is
a beautiful language.
5. Although I agree that students should never use them
in class, I’m afraid I don’t agree with banning mobile
phones on the university campus, because students
need to be able to communicate with others. Also,
today many students have smartphones which they
can use to get information they need for an assignment
or project.
6. In my opinion, the best idea would be to raise their
awareness of the benefits of recycling, like smaller
landfills, less pollution and fewer trees being cut
down. There should be programmes in schools to
teach students the importance of recycling.

Suggest two dishes, give your opinion about the arts
and crafts area and make suggestions, give your opinion
about photos and justify.

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