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A. Look at the extract from the text on page 57. What’s
the meaning of the idiom in bold?
...and has provided us with some food for thought.

B. Match the idioms in bold with their meanings.
1. John is having second thoughts about moving to Australia; he is not sure if it’s the right decision
for him and his family.  (  )
2. You’re very quiet; a penny for your thoughts.  (  )
3. You’ve interrupted my train of thought with all that noise.  (  )
4. That installation art show has to be seen to be believed. It has the most amazing exhibits.  (  )
5. Don’t be frightened, Sally; the story your brother told you was just make-believe.  (  )

a. to be unusual but true
b. something you say to ask someone what they are thinking about
c. a series of thoughts that are connected in some way
d. not real
e. to change your opinion or have doubts about something

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