Prepositional phrases with in and out of

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A. Look at the following extracts from the text on pages 18-19. What do you think the phrases in bold
mean? Can you think of any other phrases starting with in and out of?

However, people don’t appreciate that a few hundred years
ago this would have been out of the question.
...very little development was going on in Europe in all areas
of human culture, in particular in written language.

B. Complete with in and out of to form prepositional phrases. Some words/phrases can be used with both in and out of.

1.in advance
2. in brief
3. in charge
4.  in / out of time
5.  in / out of order
6.  out of breath
7.  out of date
8. in a hurry
9.  in / out of fashion
10.  in / out of shape
11. in vain
12.  out of work
13. in / out of practice
14.in the meantime

C. Complete the sentences with words/phrases from the previous activities.
1. Give me a few more days and my tennis will be back to its best. I’m just out of practice.
2. Why are you in a hurry to leave?
3. Don’t wear those trousers! They’re out of fashion.
4. Rob has been out of work since the factory closed.
5. Do I have to pay one or two month’s rent in advance to get the house?
6. Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes; in the meantime would you like a glass of orange juice?
7. Just a moment, please. I am out of breath after climbing all those stairs.
8. Could you tell me in brief what happened at the meeting I missed?
9. I’m sorry, but interrupting the manager while he is in the middle of an important meeting is definitely out of the question.
10. I have a complaint and I want to see the person in of the shop.
11. I am sorry, but the lift is out of order.
12. Joe studied hard, but it was all in vain because he still failed the exam.
13. If you are serious about getting in shape, you must exercise more.
14. The technology used in cassette recorders is out of date.
15. The flowers in your garden, in particular the roses, look lovely this year.
16. Let’s leave a bit earlier. I want to get there in time to get good seats.

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